6 Freelance Websites to Make Money Freelancing

The process making money freelancing online can happen several ways, from direct communication through your website or through one of the platforms listed below. Through the freelancing platforms, people with jobs or projects will post a description online. Freelancers browse through the projects and bid on the work or are invited to apply by the project owner.
You’ll probably have to answer some questions about your experience or interview for the project. If you are selected for the project, you’ll be rewarded the job on the site. Once work is done, the project owner pays the site and the site pays you.

Fiverr.com is a freelancer website I’ve started using more over the last couple of months. Freelancers offer “gigs” for $5 which include limited services but then try to upsell into more services for more money. I haven’t tried to offer services on the site but have bought a few gigs. I know a lot of freelancers that do well on the site but you really have to upsell and use the site to draw people into your marketing strategy. Try building a relationship with new customers so they come back to you each project, even if your prices are higher than the competition.
Vemploy Vemploy is a new but very popular freelancing website. This site is very simple to use you will just write a proposal for the job and you will submit it. You can also create your portfolio on this website.

Design Crowd is a great website to make money freelancing in graphics and design. The site lists 42 categories from corporate design and branding through T-shirt design and brochure building. The site runs on the traditional freelancing model where project owners set their budget and freelancers bid on the project. Again, it is extremely important to show the quality of your portfolio and your ability to work with people. Put yourself forward as a professional and campaigns won’t mind if your prices are a little higher than others’.
Freelancer is one of the older sites, established in 2004. The site has one of the larger inventories of projects, though it doesn’t offer a site-wide or category sum of jobs. It does seem to be more closely focused on the technology and technical jobs. Freelancer was actually the first site I came across when I first started trying to make money freelancing online but I never found much on the site.
Tutor is a good option because of its focus and pricing plan. Clients buy subscription packages for one to three hours at a cost of around $39 per hour. The site helps match students with tutors in 40 subjects and claims tutor support 24 hours a day, 361 days of the year.

HootSuite Pro is not a freelancer website but a great tool to manage your social media management side-hustle. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are the second largest traffic source to most websites. Everyone from Fortune 500 companies to individual blogs is building a social media presence and most of them are clueless about where to start. I’ve outsourced some of my own social media marketing myself and I know a lot of bloggers that outsource their entire social strategy. Hootsuite makes it easy to manage client’s social networks by linking all networks and making it quick and easy to share.