How to select the Right Freelancer for the Job

This is the best way to select the freelancers for your business and it is not more cost effective but it also provides the best and flexible work.  If you are good in the selection process, chances are the freelancer can fulfill your requirement.
Here are the few tips for Selecting a Freelancers for your Project

1.       Make Your Organization attractive to Freelancers
When you pick freelancers for your project always think that you pick a successful freelancer for your projects and the freelancer also think that he got a good client. So what a freelancer looking for? A Portfolio, Experience, and Educations. The flexibility is the first things in freelancers mind. Most of the freelance keep all the things in front of mind that what tools and process do your organization.

2.       Use Reliable Online Freelancer Platforms
Freelancer, Up Work and Vemploy are the great portals for sourcing for freelancers Online.  You can pick of web and mobile developers, designers, customer service agents, consultants, and more. You can also check their profile and past projects.

3.       Shortlist Based on Bid and Profiles
Its depend on your project requires that you need an expert freelancer for your project. But make sure don’t accept the cheapest bid profile users. You must check the user's profile and also check the last project which he was done and get rates from their clients.

4.       Shortlisting Round Test
Once you have shortlisted to about three candidates, test your top candidates to ensure that your freelancer is who they claim to be. The ideal test would be as close as possible to the demands of your job at hand, and take somewhere between 20 minutes to one hour. Consider paying the freelancer for the test project, in order to simulate a real working environment and ensure the freelancer puts in his best effort into the test.




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